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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Social Networking Sites

Hello everybody!

Today I'm here again because i want to talk you about Social Networking Sites, abbreviated as SNS.  

SNS are spaces where people can interact one with each other.We can distinguish three main types: The private ones that helps you to stay connect by sharing important moments with friends, family... Then we have the public ones who tend to be the best place to build relationships and grow your audience organically. And the last ones are the sharing interests communities that people often use them to learn about a skill, stay connect with professional contacts or post things they have learned. As any subject, SNS has advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages are: 
  1. Staying in touch 
  2. New connections 
  3. Aids in criminal cases
  4. Gives shy people an outlet 
  5. Connecting kindred spirits
 And some disadvantages are :
  1. Cyberbulling 
  2. Misinformation spreads like wildfire
  3. Easy prey 
  4. Less real life interaction. 
But a huge problem that we have in SNS, is the privacy. Once you publish something in the net, you lose he control of it and we give a way to cyberbulling  that means when somebody bully each other through electronic technology. And also we have another society through the Internet, what we call a virtual life.

Here is my presentation:


  1. Hi,
    I think in the second slided you could explainmuch more and also in the 7th slide you could also explain it much more.

  2. Hello Wafa, I think that you have done a great presentation! I have understand all the things very good because you only put the important things and because it is very organised

  3. Great work, this presentation was really good explained, aside from my presentation this was the best one xP

  4. Hello Wafa! I think you did a great job, all the information is given clearly and precise, and it´s very complete! Go on this way!

  5. Good work! the presentation was so good and very good explained,its easy to undertand. Good work