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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


  • What motion sensors are?
A motion dectector is a device that detects moving objects, particularly people, they form a vital component of security.
There are several types of motion detectors:

      -Passive infrared (PIR): They detect person's skin temperature  through emitted black body radiation at mid-infrared wavelengths in contrast to the surrounding objects.  

     -Microwave: Similar to radar speed gun (an emission of a continuous wave of microwave radiation).

    -UltrasonicAn ultrasonic wave (sound at a frequency higher than a   human can hear) is emitted and reflections from nearby objects are received.

   -Tomographic motion detector:They sense disturbances to radio waves as they pass from node to node of a mesh network. 

    -Video camera software: Digital cameras.

  • What sound detectors are?
The sound detector is a small board that combines a microphone and some processing circuitry
The use is as an alarm system, for example: if someone is trying to break into your house and break a window or something else, a sound detector will sense the sound coming from the breaking glass and set off an alarm.

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