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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Whatsapp, the largest and one of the most used applications, has developed a new security system.

It has introduced the «end-to-end» code in their android version , but they have not applied it to apple devices yet. This code encripts the messages that you send in order to avoid the server being hacked and taking your information through: reading your chats, downloading your media, etc.

The application will use the free code TextSecure software, created by the Open Whisper Systems  organisation. This just consists of an app that allows you to take back your privacy while you communicate with your friends. Whatsapp has applied it because other famous apps such as Telegram use it and people rely on them more than they did  with whatsapp.

It was unbelievable that one of  the best communication applications was one of the most unsafe.
Consumers will not notice the change, but this will be very helpful for them.
Thanks to this, whatsapp can not read our conversations!

All the points considered, this is very important for us, because we use whatsapp constantly and the fact of being spied on is not very attractive.

 For more information...

You can read this article in ABC
and go to Google Play

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